I finally re-activated my blog (and moved it to a new domain)! Let’s see how often I’ll actually get around to writing something, but I convinced myself again that I wanted to have a place where I can put slightly longer notes and thoughts that is completely under my control, because I still remember websites and don’t want to be completely dependent on Facebook & Co.

I switched from my old wordpress to generating a completely static site using Jekyll and the appropriately named minima theme. Since I’m lazy, I’m currently hosting on GitHub Pages, where I can just directly push changes to a git repository and have the site automatically rebuilt without needing to set up any custom CI integration for this. But since I’m now generating a static site, moving to a different hosting solution should also be pretty easy if I ever want to do that.

Since you normally can’t use SSL and a custom domain for GitHub pages (and I don’t want to use a “benevolent MITM” like Cloudflare), SSL is provided by Let’s Encrypt and nginx running on my own Server, reverse proxying my GitHub pages subdomain.